A good presentation editor knows when to coddle an idea, when to convince you to murder your darlings, and how to explain what the piece needs and what it will take to get it there. In short, a good editor knows what you need even before you realize it yourself.

Make no mistake — the process can be painful. Whether it’s a full-length book or an itty-bitty blog post, it’s difficult to create. And once you’ve exerted a certain amount of energy into something, you want to be done. Accepting feedback is hard­­. Especially when it’s good feedback that forces you to look at the heart of the issue and possibly make fundamental changes that require a lot of work. At the time, it can feel like more of a burden than it’s worth. But trust the process. At Duarte, we’ve seen it pay off countless times, both in our own work and the work of others.

Finding a good editor can be tough. Not only do they need to be a strategic thinker, but you also have to be able to trust them with your work. Some of the best editors are writers themselves, but that’s not always the case.

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