Presentations are the perfect content-density for reading and distributing on a tablet. 

presentation slides on a tablet

​There’s been a huge uptick in the adoption of tablets in business and education. Providing your material on a device lets readers interact with the content and keeps them engaged.

​It’s easy to convert presentations to devices—the 4:3 aspect ratio is a perfect fit.

Duarte’s preferred presentation tools for mobile devices are:

SlideShark®: Converts PowerPoint® files into navigable, interactive presentations and includes a powerful analytics engine that shows who looked at your slidedoc and how many pages they read.

Keynote®for iPad®: Converts PowerPoint® files to Keynote®, creates new Keynote® files from scratch, and allows you to view and edit existing Keynote® files.

​Tablets can be hooked up to a projector, or links to files can be sent ahead of time for your readers. I’ve even had clients load the slidedocs on iPads and send them as a gift for people to read or distribute at conferences.

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