​Beautiful, minimalistic, cinematic slides don’t have enough information in them to stand on their own as a document when distributed. In fact, when slides travel around with only an image and a handful of words, the readers have to fill in far too many blanks to understand their meaning. As you embrace simplifying slides, this is an unexpected negative side effect.

​Slides are a backdrop for the spoken word, not rich in content themselves. Their vagueness leaves room for a recipient to make up what was said, develop inaccurate conclusions, and misconstrue the meaning.

​As presentations are passed along without the presenter, important information is lost. Data is dropped that helps make your case.

​The same is true when distributing slides on platforms like SlideShare. The slides need to be self-explanatory and clear, because metaphorical concepts are open to interpretation. Create presentations in notes view so readers know what you said to your slides.

Example of presentation graphic that needs explanation

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