Bringing in other Presenters

Invite others to join you on the stage or by video. Consider which experts or analysts in your organization or industry would add meat and credibility to your presentation. And look for ways your team members can play to their strengths. If your colleague Sam is quick on his feet, for example, have him lead the Q&A.

Mixing up your media

Try alternating between slides and other media. You can hang posters and exhibits on the wall, place tchotchkes on the table that tie into the theme of your talk, or have a helper even unveil a prop or new product while you speak. You can add video to inject humor, boost credibility through testimonials, or clarify concepts with animated infographics. If you’re talking about a product, demo it—hold it, display it, allow people to interact with it. If you’re explaining a concept, try drawing on a flipchart or a whiteboard—it varies the pace, and audiences often find it endearing because it makes presenters vulnerable and thus feel more accessible. Or you can hire a graphic recorder to capture your message visually on a large wall mural of butcher paper while you talk. She can synthesize what’s being said in real time, creating a mural that memorializes the talk: Display it somewhere prominent in your department as a reminder of the goals everyone agreed to at the last vision meeting.

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