Jr Designer

If you were a super hero or comic character who would you be?

Silver Surfer, no doubt. Who wouldn’t want to get shacked in interstellar space? We are talking about someone that doesn’t require food, air, water or sleep but has superhuman strength. He also surfs the cosmos at light speed, can time travel and controls his surfboard mentally.

What was a life altering experience?

Living and backpacking throughout Northern India for 3 months. It was a time in my life that I felt I had a window to travel so I quit my job, sold my car and bought a ticket to India. I was traveling with a good friend from high school and it was my first time outside of the states. I packed a weeks’ worth of clothes, my camera gear and then we were on our way. It was an experience I am grateful to have had and has played a key role in who I am today.

What was your favorite pet?

My 11 year old Wonder pug Micky. He was the youngest of my uncles three pugs. When my uncle passed we became inseparable. In all reality the pug life chose me.

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