Lillian Liu

Jr. Designer

If you were a superhero or comic character, who would you be?

Steven from Steven Universe. Because who wouldn’t want to have a magic belly button?

Proudest moment as a five-year old

My proudest moment as a five year old would probably have to be the time my best friend stuck her pinky out and asked me to  swear to be best friends FOREVER. Although I intermittently moved quite a bit through our elementary and middle school years, we’re still holding out strong 5 states away and years into adulthood. We both ended up as graphic designers.

Pinky swears are serious business.

What was a life-altering experience?

A life-altering experience would probably be making a last minute decision to take a two day trip to Amsterdam (from London) to attend a design conference while in school. It taught me two things:

  1. The best experiences come spontaneously
  2. Conference tickets at the student price are ridiculously cheap

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