Haley Rich


What is your least favorite nickname?

People used to try and give me nicknames based on my name and I hated all of them, I mean who wants to be called ‘Hay Hay’? And Hales just sounded weird so I made sure those never caught on.

The one thing you plan to do to change the world, even a little?

Everyone needs more plants, they make people happy! So that’s what I do, I give people plants for gifts, special occasions, etc. to brighten their day 🙂

What was your favorite pet?

My dog Middy who currently lives with my parents. I fought to get her and she was loyal and kept my spirits up for the last 7 years, she share my sweet up front but with a hint of attitude if you bring it out of me kind of personality. I hope to move her down here with me some time soon.

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