Executive Assistant

If you were a celebrity, who would you be and why?

Audrey Hepburn—she got to wear pretty dresses all day and pencil pants with cute flats. I bet she would have shopped at Anthropologie and eaten breakfast at Tiffany’s before heading off on holiday to Rome…Need I say more?

What is your favorite line from the movies? When do you usually say it?

“Oh my God”—the only time I don’t cringe when our Lord’s name is taken in vain… Yes, I’ve been converted from an uninformed loather of the Twilight Saga to a well-versed fan. You may catch me whispering the line while watching the movie with my mama for the way-too-many-eth-time.

What has been a turning point in your life?

There have been two: 1) Meeting my husband, Josh—he keeps me grounded and loves me unconditionally. 2) Giving birth to our son, Carlo—natural childbirth is euphoric and makes you find strength you didn’t know you had. Plus you get this sweet, tiny, squeezable baby that you can obsess over for the rest of your life!

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