Project Manager

Which artist has inspired you the most?

Francesca Woodman’s photography has captivated me because she created this beautiful, provocative body of work in just a few short years. Sadly, it’s probably her early death at age 22 that drew attention to her photographs, but for me, it’s the way she approached self-portraiture with a sort of candor, wisdom, irony, and vulnerability that I find really inspiring.

The one thing you plan to do to change the world, even a little

Smile at strangers 🙂

The practical joke you wish you had the courage to do

I’m a twin, and people often ask us if we switch places. But the truth is, we’re both too worried about getting caught—or making others feel uncomfortable. If I had the courage, though, I’d find situations where I could send her in my place, maybe take advantage of her superior sense of humor or baking skills.

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