Ben Saluti

Sr. Designer

If you were a super hero or comic character, who would you be?

“The Observer” – basically the power to hide in the bushes all day and people-watch, with the superpower  to not have someone call the cops on me. People-watching is fascinating!

What was a life-altering experience?

I’d have to say a 10-week backpacking trip through most of western Europe when I was 27 was pretty amazing. Met lots of great people, made new friends,  took a ton of photos, and did a LOT of walking. I’d love to continue the journey one day, and take a nicer camera this time!

What was your favorite pet?

No offense to past childhood pets, such as my anole lizard, newt, and various goldfish, but I’ll have to go with my cat, Pickles. Actually, she’s a pretty terrible companion most of the time, but you know… she’s a cat. Also, her tail is amazing.

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