Chief Operations Officer

What is your least favorite nickname?

Coming from the South, I have to say that “Andy” has never sat well with me. It brings up images of me in overhauls chewing on sour grass.

Proudest moment as a five-year old

While playing in the woods in the back of my house in Georgia, I was once came upon some remarkable looking “nuts.” I was so intrigued and excited, that I picked them up and ran into the house to show my Dad. He was sitting in the living room in a chair reading the Sunday paper when I dropped the “nuts” on his lap exclaiming, “Dad, look what I found!” He quietly looked at them and told me, “Son, those aren’t nuts. They’re squirrel pellets. Please throw them away and wash your hands.”

How would you define yourself?

I define myself by my family and what I’ve hopefully instilled within my children.

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