​When using long form presentations (also known as slidedocs), words are more closely associated with the graphics, because both exist on the same page.

graphics and words not on the same page

Nancy Duarte’s Harvard Business Review book is a long-form document. Several of the images don’t appear on the same page as the text that explains them.

You have probably read a book where a page references “figure 4,” but there’s no graphic on the page called “figure 4.” Books and dense documents typically intersperse graphics with long sections of prose, which means you have to turn pages back and forth to find the visual associated with the text.

​Traditional books don’t have one idea per page, so the graphic gets separated from the text it is related to. This is true in Nancy Duarte’s own book, the HBR Guide to Persuasive Presentations. The graphics and text are on different pages so you cannot see both at once.

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