The best presenters apply storytelling principles to their presentations.  Here’s why:

Stories feature transformation: When people hear a story, they root for the protagonist as she overcomes obstacles and emerges changed in some important way. It’s doubly powerful to incorporate stories that demonstrate how others have adopted the same beliefs and behaviors you’re proposing—by sharing stories of others going through a similar transformation that your audience will go through. This will help you get people to cross over from their perspective into the world of your ideas—and be transformed, with new insights and tools from your presentation.

Stories have a clear structure: All effective stories adhere to the same basic three-part structure that Aristotle pointed out ages ago: They have a beginning, a middle, and an end. It makes them easy to digest and retell—and it’s how audiences have been conditioned for centuries to receive information. Make sure your presentation—and any story you tell within it—has all three parts, with clear transitions between them.

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