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Slidedoc (n.) a visual document, developed in presentation software, that is intended to be read and referenced instead of projected

Slidedocs help you spread your smart thinking by combining visual communications with short chunks of written copy. Their scannable nature makes them great pre-read, reference, and leave-behind materials. Their modularity makes it easy for people to incorporate your ideas into their own communications. And these features together make slidedocs the perfect companion to both written documents and presentations.

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Free Templates

Get a headstart creating your first slidedoc! Included with your download of the Slidedocs file, get two PowerPoint-ready slidedoc templates.

  • Easy-to-use master template
  • Simple, intuitive layouts
  • Beautiful, professional design
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Introducing the new Diagrammer

Communicate ideas visually
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Professionals have been using diagrams to explain abstract concepts for hundreds of years. Diagrams use proximity, scale and links to clarify hierarchy and relationships between information, making your message easily understood.


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