Nancy Duarte gives some tips to enhance your remote presentations:

Vary the voices: Bring in other voices for interest. Try co-hosting your presentation with another subject matter expert and bantering like morning show hosts. Embed audio clips. The audience will reengage each time a new speaker talks.

Pause strategically: Audiences tune out remote presenters because the presenter’s voice sounds like white noise to them. Sprinkle in pauses before points you really want people to hear. That’ll cut through the white noise. When you begin speaking again, people will notice. Sometimes pausing also makes the audience think there’s a problem with the technology—and people reengage to fiddle with their computers.

Picture your listeners: Remember that you’re talking to people, not machines. Picture their faces in your mind and imagine that you’re having a live conversation with them. When I first started to present remotely, I struggled with talking naturally to technology. So I took photos of my smiley staff members, cut out their faces, and taped them above my monitor, which served as a visual reminder that I was speaking to real people, not technology.

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