Keep Remote Listeners Interested

What can you do to lure people away from their other tasks during a remote presentation?

Break the content down into small bites: Feed participants small, tasty morsels one by one so they stay tuned in. Move through your points quickly. And if you have slides, change them up about every 20 seconds.

Make your presentation interactive: Create useful activities for audience members to do, like spending a few minutes researching something and posting their findings in the chat window for everyone to see. If you ask people to take a survey, make sure the results will be of interest to them. And reward participants for paying close attention. When Nancy was a guest on marketing consultant Chris Brogan’s video blog, I placed a sign behind me that said, “First one who posts on Twitter that they saw this sign wins a free book.*”

Enjoy your own material: Your enthusiasm needs to come through in your voice, especially if the audience can’t see you on video. Smile as you share your material—and your voice will automatically take on a more cheerful tone. And if you say something funny, laugh a bit even if no one’s in the room with you—it invites listeners to laugh, too.

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