​Creating beautiful, effective and easy-to-read presentations isn’t always easy. There are times when you may need to bring in the professionals. There’s no shame in handing over your presentation to a professional for some extra love. That’s what they’re there for.

​But how do you know when it’s appropriate to consult an expert? Below are some recommendations to save time and possibly a lot of frustration:

When in a high-stakes sales presentation: Do you need to land that account? And is this piece of presentation collateral key to getting your message across? Have a professional PowerPoint consultant look at it.

When your presentation templates need an upgrade: Is your presentation template just not equipped to create presentation the way you need to? Don’t force-fit new masters, get a new presentation template designed right. Designers build effective templates within brand and are highly functional.

When you have highly complex presentation slides: Are you mixing a lot of type with detailed diagrams? Is your presentation slide starting to look like you just threw a whole bunch of stuff on there? Will it confuse the executives you are presenting to? You know what to do.

When you need to save time: Your team gets paid to be innovative, not to layout presentations all day. Throw your great ideas on the presentation slides and have professionals tidy them up.

​Presentation have too much content and you can’t cut it: A professional can help reframe content, spread it across pages, and rework material so it is succinct – something all executives and audiences love.

A good question to ask yourself is whether the importance of your message outweighs the cost of hiring a design firm. If so, then hire an expert. They will know how to make your message clear and beautiful.

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