There are multiple ways to print your presentation, and all serve different purposes.

presentation handout example

Presentation Handout

​Print handouts of presentations so people can read them at the beginning of the meeting. Or use them as handouts that the audience may reference while you speak and that support your talk as an appendix with additional information.

Presentation book

Presentation Book

​Presentations, designed well, make great books. Whether spiral-bound or perfect-bound, they can make the content feel more substantial and formal. In fact, you can professionally publish and print presentations at and

Presentation Poster

Presentation Poster

​Presentation slides can be printed oversized and posted around the room. Readers stand, walk around, and read the material. You can also put blank posters in between each one to capture notes and feedback. Scientists at conferences often present posters.

Presentation Placemat

Presentation Placemat

​Placemats are a single presentation slide printed on 11″ x 17″ paper. They are great for collaborating around a shared piece of paper where all stakeholders can write and sketch on the concepts. Sometimes one placemat is all you need to spark a great conversation.

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