Presenters use different types of slides to keep the audience engaged. Two types include the quote slide and the data slide.

Quote slide

Use quotes from experts or important documents to add credibility and factual support to your message. But always clearly show where the material came from plus use quotation marks and include a source line. Project only one quote at a time—more than one will muddy the focus. And try not to exceed 30 words. That allows you to fit in attribution without sacrificing readability. Another idea is to include a recording of the person you’re quoting or (if that’s not available) use voice-over so the audience feels as if it’s reading along with the author of the quote.

Data slide

You may need to display data when explaining your research, reporting on your business unit’s performance, or making a controversial argument that requires proof. Be judicious, though, so you don’t overwhelm people with numbers they don’t really need to know. Visually emphasize the part of the data you want people to look at by rendering everything else in the chart in neutral colors.

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