You can add a lot of content to your presentation slides

There are many ways to create effective visual documents, known as slidedocs. You can take your cinematic presentations and turn them into slidedocs to send to your audience as follow-up material after the presentation.

​In the layouts below, you’ll notice there’s a small image of the slide on the top left of the page, and a quadrant graphic and quote on the top right.

examples of visual documents, or slidedocs

​This example shows that the “Notes Page” view has enormous flexibility. It’s an additional surface that you can design and develop with content that you may have chosen to cut from your presentation.

​It’s as if the appendix to your slide gets to travel with the slide itself.

​This ”Notes Page” view can be converted into a PDF and sent around with your slides. These slides can be distributed when people ask for a copy. Print the “Notes Page” view and distribute it as a document.

 Horizontal Presentation Layouts are an Option Too

​The “Notes View” page isn’t limited to just vertical layouts. You can create layouts in landscape view, too.

​The designs to the right have the same content as the layouts on the previous page but the notes master is formatted in the landscape orientation.

examples of visual documents, or slidedocs

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