​Presentation tools are easy to use if you’re trying to throw something together quickly. However, when the stakes are high—a deal will be won or lost, your vision adopted or rejected, your project will move along or be stopped in its tracks—you need to spend extra time creating the presentation.

​Just because presentations are easy to create doesn’t mean you have a license for laziness. Regardless of the tool you use, good work always pays off.

High-stakes situations may also call for a different kind of content. Traditionally, high-stakes presentations are inspirational and pragmatic. But when your presentation is that important, and needs to influence a make-or-break decision, it must embody the type of inspirational persuasion usually reserved for in-person presentations.

​Good content, a good storyline, and a structure that compels people to act or decide are worth the time you put into them.

combine content, storyline and structure for a great presentation

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