The following article was originally published on the Duarte blog, discussing Pam Slim’s book, “Body of Work”.

We’re living in “a new world of work.”
A combination of factors have created what Pam calls, “a new world of work.” The economic meltdown of 2008 made instability the new norm. The silver lining is that it spawned an incredible array of low-cost tools and resources that made it possible to work from anywhere, and even launch a new business from your kitchen. People are changing jobs more frequently and taking bigger risks, but much of the working world still adheres to “rules” that were created decades ago.

Storytelling is critical to your career.
Whether you’re working in the corporate world, or striking out on your own as an entrepreneur, you can no longer rely on a traditional resume of bullet points to position you for success. You must understand that all information in the public forum will become stories that influence your personal brand. And if you don’t tell the full story, people will fill in the gaps. Nobody has a “perfect” background—it’s up to you to sell yourself by weaving your story.

Finding your story may change your life.
Finding your story and crafting a body of work will not only help position you for success in your current path, it will help you reflect on your decisions and experiences and use them to help guide you toward your ultimate career goal—and ultimate life goal. Don’t neglect your story, embrace it.

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