Duarte, Inc. is a presentation design and training firm. Much of the work we do in the shop is rooting out the ideas behind the facts in our clients’ presentations. Not too long ago, we had a client who wanted help with a presentation explaining a group of new products. Their team had compiled a comprehensive list detailing the products’ features. But only when we talked to them did we realize that their solutions were allowing customers to completely rethink an expensive and time-consuming aspect of their process. By wrapping their facts in an idea, we were able to make the presentation much more successful and better reach their audience.

The next time you’re putting together a presentation of any kind, challenge yourself to look past the facts and find the thought-provoking idea that will stick with your audience like a hearty steak. You might think your presentation doesn’t contain a new idea, but look deeper.

Find the new idea and focus your presentation on that theme, choosing quality over quantity. Customers can always go to your website, or read a handout like a slidedoc to get a list of product features, but they can’t always get face time with you. So make it worth their time. Share an idea that will change the way they think about your company forever. Choose to create a presentation that is food for the soul.

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