Section heads inform readers they are entering a new section in your slidedoc.

using section heads in your presentation slides

You can see that the first and last pages serve as section heads. They have large type and images of endangered animals while the rest of the pages have dense prose. In the slidedoc you’re reading right now, we made the section heads full color, while the rest of the information is on white.

​The section head is like a new chapter head in a book. You know when you’ve left one chapter and are entering the next.

​Each time the material transitions to a new section, use a distinctly different layout to distinguish the change visually.

​Transitioning to a new section can be signified by color, bold graphic, or memorable type. No matter what visual cue you use, the design should be distinct enough to make it obvious that you’re entering a new section.

​Contrast helps make transitions clear and sets up the reader to know what to expect from each section.

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