When creating a slidedoc, it should be clear when the reader is at the end of a section or at the end of the entire presentation document. Below is a list of elements often found at the end of sections or documents:

​Presentation Summary

​Encapsulate the main points in a summary to remind the audience of the most important ideas.


​Test if the reader learned what you needed them to know by adding a quiz or worksheets.

​Topics of discussion

​Frame up provocative questions for discussion at the end of your slidedoc to help readers think.

​Presentation Glossary

​Help readers understand your distinct vocabulary or acronyms by clarifying what they mean in a glossary.

​Presentation Appendix

​Add supporting statistical and research information as an appendix for readers who want a deep dive.

​Additional info

​Link to in-depth materials (forums, discussion boards, white papers) for readers who want to research further.

​Reference pages

​Cite resources and give credit to your sourced authors so readers can gain more insights.

Presentation ​Index

​Key words are pulled out, displayed alphabetically, and associated with a page number by using an index.

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