When your organization needs to make decisions from data, make sure to show the conclusions of the data. A data chart has three layers:

/1 Presentation Graph Background

Presentation Graph Background
The presentation graph’s background layer contains elements like tick marks, scales, legends, and grid lines. It provides context and scale. Backgrounds should use neutral colors.

/2 Presentation Graph Data

Presentation Graph Data

The data plotted is usually pulled from a data table. Colors and attributes can be assigned when it’s visually plotted. Plot all the data in a neutral color and then continue to the next step.

/3 Presentation Graph Emphasis

Presentation Graph Emphasis

Select the parts of your data that you need the reader to notice. Use a bright highlight color that contrasts with the neutral color so the important conclusions are quickly identified.


2 graphs

These final results contain all the data, but use contrast to draw the eye to the most critical information.

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