Thank your presentation audience by following up with a note.

Communications expert Nancy Duarte shares tips to communicate with your audience after giving a presentation.

Sending personal notes: It’s rare to get a nice handwritten note these days, and people appreciate it when they do. Send a note whenever you feel grateful, (I’ve even sent a few “I’m sorry” notes, in my career—it works both ways.) It can be a formal, branded thank-you note or a clever card that touches on a conversation you had with an audience member. In a world full of digital communications, a human touch stands out.

E-mailing the audience:  Follow up with an e-mail thanking people for their time. If appropriate, summarize your big idea, key points, call to action, and “new bliss.” Many times event companies will let you e-mail attendees in lieu of accepting speaking fees. Collect e-mail addresses from webinar participants by asking them to register.

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