Many presentations simply end with a list of action items, but that isn’t exactly inspiring. You should give them a call to action, by letting them know what they should do, but you want the last thing you say to move your audience to tackle those items. You want people to feel ready to right the wrong and to conquer the problem.

By skillfully defining future rewards, you compel people to get on board with your ideas. Show them that taking action will be worth their effort. The presentation ending should highlight the benefits if they take action.

Show Benefits to them: What needs of theirs will your ideas meet? What freedoms will the audience gain? How will your ideas give the audience greater influence or status?

Show Benefits to their “sphere”: How will your ideas help the audience’s peers, direct reports, customers, students, or friends?

Show Benefits to the world: How will your ideas help the masses? How will they improve public health, for instance, or help the environment?

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