An often overlooked, but critical, aspect of any performance’s success is editing.  Since 1981, every film selected as Best Picture has also been nominated for the Film Editing Oscar, and about two thirds of the Best Picture winners have also won for Film Editing.

The magic of editing is the difference between a good movie and a great movie.  The same holds true of a great presentation, a great report, and virtually any type of information you prepare for others to consume.

Presentation Editing Tips

Use these three tips when developing your next presentation:

/1 Prepare great content, and a lot of it.

You need a great story and fantastic, original raw material to work with. Create much more than you need so you have plenty of content to shape well.

/2 Have someone else edit your work.

Sometimes we get too close to our own material to edit deeply enough. Ask someone who is unfamiliar with your subject matter to help make sense of it, and decide what needs to be cut.

/3 Make edits with the audience in mind.

You’ll probably never have an audience clamber for your talk to be longer. So cut out everything that’s there for you, and amplify the parts that will transform your audience.

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