Make it clear what you need to accomplish together, and break that down into discrete tasks and timelines that feel manageable to the audience.

Let’s consider an example where the call to action is to “innovate,” since that can be tough to pull off. Suppose you have an aging product that needs reinvention. Not all great ideas have to come from engineering. So after you say that the organization is open to ideas from all departments, you might break down the tasks like this:

  • Identify enthusiastic brainstormers from all departments
  • Have engineers facilitate a cross-departmental brainstorming session that week
  • Assign a team member to take notes
  • Filter ideas at the engineering summit the following week

You might ask everyone to take just one action, or you might provide a few actions people can choose from. Either way, be explicit in your request—and about how it will benefit the audience. Learn more about brainstorming techniques by exploring the multimedia version of Resonate.

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