Presentation ​authors pour all their time into the thinking, conceptualizing, and writing of great presentations. Then presentation designers take over.

Presentation designers are trained to read copy, amplify the most important parts by visualizing them, and add clear hierarchy to a presentation. Everyone gets to play to their strengths. The writers spent their time innovating, and the design team helped make it clear (and beautiful).

Before Presentation Designers:

With limited design skills, we focus on copy first, then find visuals so designers can see what we’re trying to communicate, and let them do their magic.

Gather content before worrying about design of presentation

After Presentation Designers:

The professional design team turns our words into pictures, clarifies thinking through diagrams, and lays out type and pictures in visually compelling ways.

how your content can look in presentation with a good designer

This can be especially powerful when creating slidedocs, as shown in the example above.

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