​SAP creates a series of skimmable “SAP Top 10” white papers. These informative documents shows the top 10 reason customers choose SAP. These unique slidedocs address many of their clients’ industries, such as business transformation, life sciences, and others.

presentation Top 10 slide

The front page has a bold presentation title, clear subtitle, and logo element.

presentation table of contents

​Understand the benefits immediately, just from reading the presentation’s table of contents.

data presented clearly in presentation

​The tabulation system at the top helps with context and way-finding. They highlight what is important in the presentation data.

data presented clearly in presentation

​Bold presentation color palette and typographical hierarchy make processing data easy. The important data is in a bold color and secondary information is neutral.

data presented clearly in presentation

​The portability of this collateral form is a simple way to arm sales reps with chunks of impactful content.

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