You write to communicate to the hearts and minds of others what’s burning inside you, and we edit to let the fire show through the smoke.

Arthur Plotnik, Author and Editor

When creating a presentation, you may end up wondering if your original central message has been obscured instead of illuminated by your slides. Duarte can help
 you create your presentation content from scratch, with a focus on developing the main message, the story arc, and the content needed to flesh out the presentation.

Or, if you already have content for your presentation, we can review, edit and enhance it to prepare content for visualization by Duarte designers.

Both types of content services follow the same general principles that underlie our unique VisualStory methodology, which applies storytelling and visual thinking principles to communications designed to shift audience beliefs and behaviors.

The following outlines some principles we apply in a content consulting engagement.

Designing a presentation without an audience in mind is like writing a love letter and addressing it to whom it may concern.

Ken Haemer, Presentation Research Manager, AT&T

/01 Know Your Presentation Audience

Your audience is comprised of individuals with unique desires, fears, and worries. Find out what those are for your audience members so you can create a personal connection and a presentation that makes an impact on each one of them.

/02 Your Presentation’s Story

You cannot persuade with facts alone. This idea can
be traced back to Aristotle, but advertisers have been putting it to use for decades. Stories offer presenters a great way to evoke emotional responses in their audience and get them to understand your point-of-view.

/03 Clear Presentations

Your slides are visual aids, not your script, teleprompter or the star of the show. Many presenters are often tempted to put too much information on a slide. But using your slides as a crutch keeps you from having to deeply understand the subject and your audience, which, above all else, will increase the chances of your presentation resonating.

/Key Insights

Reveal information through an engaging and clear story

Story provides balance and structure to your message and allows you to empower your audience to truly make it their own.

Address the needs, concerns, and desires of the audience

Your audience is the hero, the agent for making your vision a reality. Know where they’re coming from and understand why they might object to your ideas at first.

Presentation Slides contain essential details needed for understanding and delivery.

Make sure every slide supports your Big Idea and that you don’t overload your presentation. Consider including nonessential information in a follow-up email or handout instead.

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