Pre-Show: A/V Checklist

Technological malfunctions occur frequently. Planning for the worst case scenario will help ensure your talk runs more smoothly even if everything goes off without a hitch—or a glitch.

Before you arrive

Pre-record your demos: If you need to demonstrate software, an app, or a website, have a prerecorded version on your machine in case the Internet connection is slow or down at the time of your talk.

Bring backups: If a piece of technology is critical to the success of your talk, request that it be provided—but also bring your own. That goes for the projector, the cables needed to connect it, the clicker, any audio equipment you’ll need, a backup of the presentation (on drives and in the cloud) and printouts of your slides and notes.

At the venue

Get to know the A/V person: Learn his or her name and treat him or her well. She or he will work extra hard and extra fast if she or he likes you.

Test all the equipment: Do a dry run using the projector, the clicker, and any audio equipment beforehand. Make sure it all works. (If projection is from the front, learn where to stand to avoid having slides projected on your face, and mark the safe zone using tape.)

Test your slide deck: Click through every single side. Yes, really. Try out the comfort monitors. Make sure the text is large enough for you to read.

Play all the media: Double check you have all your media, and that the file types will play on the machine you’re using.

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