Analyze sentiment about your presentation using social media

If you’re giving a high-stakes talk to a large group—a keynote address, for example—it’s probably worth analyzing the social media data. It’ll tell you how many people blogged about your talk, how much traffic was driven to the press announcement through social media, and whether the coverage and comments were negative or positive. This will give you an even finer-grained picture of how well you’ve connected with your audience.

But the data can be daunting if you don’t know what you’re doing. Hire an analytics specialist to really dig in and help you see where you did well and where you can improve. In the analysis, you may discover a competitor you didn’t know about, for instance, or a new key influencer who drives buying behavior.

Analyze your reach

You can also use analytics tools to measure how many people spread your message through social media, how many clicked on the shared links, and whether your message was picked up by the people you’d want to hear it. Again, work with a data specialist.

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