There is something about presentation software and the way people do presentations today; it seems like they destroy communication. For us at Duarte, that’s easy to believe. We have heard countless times, “We put it in PowerPoint and all of a sudden it went flat.” (We have heard the same about Keynote, Apple’s presentation software, too!)

What’s happened is all of our bad presentations have created an ocean of bad presentations – and it’s growing. We have ALL created bad presentations. But here at we give you the tools that will help you avoid creating any more bad presentations.

The techniques on this site will help you stand out from your peers. It will help your company stand out from the competitors. And because the bar is set so low, it’s going to be almost impossible not to stand out when you leverage what we call VisualStory principles.

No Slide Zone

On one had we can respond like they way Oracle did a few years back. They took one of their buildings and they wrapped it with a banner, and called it the “No Slide Zone,” meaning no presentation slides because they destroy communication. The idea was that good communication would happen by simply talking and not presenting. That can be one response to that ocean of bad presentations out there.

On the other Hand…

examples of great presentation

…You can use a presentation to change the world.

Al Gore goes around with a presentation. A lot can happen in a presentation. He won an Academy Award, even a Nobel Peace Prize. For what? Presentation. It’s not so much the tool itself that we need to throw out. It’s how we use the tool. We can learn to use it for good, even if all that we have ever heard or seen was used for evil.

So don’t give up on presentations, entirely, or on presentation software. When used correctly, they can still be powerful enough to change the world?

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