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Preparing for a Passionate Keynote Presentation

Tim Gabel is the Executive Vice President of Social, Statistical, and Environmental Sciences at RTI International. Being responsible for understanding the changing landscape of the human population–and how to prepare society for it–is no easy task. Tim wanted to inspire his audience to act and influence the next 50 years.

The stage was set for Tim’s keynote presentation at the 50th Annual International Field Directors and Technologies Conference. Passionate about sharing his vision for the future, this was the high-stakes moment he was waiting for.

Tim came to Duarte with decades of expertise and a thoughtful outline for his keynote presentation. Duarte’s content experts, presentation designers, and delivery coaches helped him highlight key moments and create a storyline, paving the way for a successful presentation. Tim captured his audience with a resounding presentation that received praise in person and on social media.

We’re thankful to have worked with Tim Gabel, and see his contagious enthusiasm spread through our creative team. Below you’ll find a video of how Tim worked with Duarte, along with some presentation slides from his keynote.

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