Your information is competing against a lot of distractions. Whether written or spoken, you need to take every precaution possible to make sure people consume, understand, and embrace your information.

​There are several ways to make your content — in whatever form– more consumable.

​You can make your information so entertaining that nobody wants to stop reading or listening. You can trim your message. Or, you can chunk it into bite-sized pieces.

​There’s a limit to how entertaining copy can be. And no matter how much you cut, there’s a limit to that, too. Chunking is another tool to help get through to people.

​Chunking structures your material in small, uniform bits of discourse that build toward a larger point. This makes information look less dense and intimidating to the reader or listener.

​Chunking your copy also makes it easier to consume in today’s hectic environment. When reading a dense document online, it’s easy to lose your place if you’re interrupted. But when reading a piece chunked into bite size pieces, you can pick up right where you left off.

One natural tool for chunking is a slidedoc. These are documents in slide format without a presenter; slidedocs have the same great visuals and more text than a presentation, but less text than an actual document. By working in formats where you can keep your copy brief like a slidedoc, you can change the subject on every page and provide easily digestible content. It’s less intimidating and makes your message seem more clear to the reader.

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