You can follow the same rules for creating great presentations when creating great online eCourses.  One presentation tip we use a lot, is chunking the material into bite size pieces.

Modularize the Content of Presentations & eCourses

People have a limited attention span. With business moving faster than ever, it’s difficult—if not impossible—to make time for long, uninterrupted training. Self-guided eCourses should be broken up into bite-size chunks of content so learners work through each module at a reasonable pace. Modularized content allows learners to fit the courses into their work schedules with natural stopping points built in. Our eCourse has nearly 8 hours of content, but it’s broken into 67 modules! Dan Roam, author of Back of the Napkin, also offers modularized content in his online training.

As technology enables educators to move training online, we must incorporate best-practices for visual storytelling into eCourses. We’ve built an eCourse that will teach you how to create powerful messages and visuals that engage your audience, but it’s in a a dynamic learning environment that will keep you engaged, too. After all, our audience is you.

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