Motion Graphics Designer


Duarte is looking for an exceptional motion graphics freelancer with a sharp and relentless motion eye for a contractor position.You’ll respond to this because this describes you to the letter:

  • Have an outstanding reel and portfolio
  • Believes motion graphics isn’t moving stuff around in After Effects, applying filters, and instantiating particle systems, but is the art of creating rich, fluid, organic spaces where the viewer can momentarily suspend disbelief
  • Adapts easily to team-based project workflow
  • Takes pride in creating beautiful work at speed, putting efficiency as a main priority in order to get collaborative results
  • Enjoys working with other artists and producers
  • Asks questions until the next steps are absolutely clear in their mind’s eye


  • BA Graphic Design/Motion/Animation.
  • Advanced proficiency in After Effects and Cinema 4D
  • Experience with Creative Suites applications and streamlined workflow between those applications.