When creating a slidedoc, you must make it easy to navigate through the document. ​One way to make navigating presentation content easier for the reader is to let them jump to the content they find most interesting. Presentation slides are self-navigable if you add hyperlinks and inter-application links so users can jump around the material. This is an added user benefit and a major advantage of using digital presentations as documents. Here are some examples of natural ways to add interactivity and navigation:

interactivity and navigation within presentation slides

​Presentation slides are a great opportunity for interaction. Clicking a button or swiping a screen kinesthetically stimulates the brain
in short bursts.

​Many people understand and consume information better if they interact with it. Chunking content into bite-sized pieces and loading it onto a tablet or touchscreen keeps readers engaged.

​The action of clicking to advance or swiping to turn pages often keeps readers involved with the information. You can add links that jump around the presentation itself or link out to the Internet, which gives the reader a more interactive experience.

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