Illuminate Services

Whether you’re leading a journey that’s large or small in scope, our highly creative, customized, and strategic communication offerings will support you each step of the way. We’ll help you plan a presentation-centered communications program that maps out what you and your team should say, show, and do to move your audiences over time. Then we’ll prepare you to communicate powerfully in each moment by crafting persuasive presentations and experiences that leave audiences feeling inspired and engaged. We can also help you package communication artifacts from these moments, such as speeches, stories, and symbols into potent spreadable formats that will express your ideas memorably even when you’re not in the room.

Communication Strategy Services

If you want to launch a venture of any kind – such as a new product, process, initiative, or cause – Duarte will help you design an audience-centric communication program to move people to embrace your dream and drive it forward. Once you’ve defined the shifts you’d like to create and built a plan to execute that change, we’ll help you shape your ideas into engaging communications designed to win the hearts and minds of your travelers. We’ll begin by understanding where your audiences are now and where you want to move them to and audit your existing communications methods and assets. Then we’ll map out a communication program, incorporating the ideal mix of presentations and experiences to guide people through your venture and keep them inspired along the way.

Moment Design Services

Events and meetings should be more than just another activity that people feel obligated to participate in but rarely enjoy. Any time you gather people together to communicate and share ideas you have an opportunity to create a moment that they will never forget – a moment that moves them. And when people are moved, they’re more likely to remember what you said and take action on it. Duarte can help you design an experience that brings your ideas to life so vividly that it causes people to think, feel, and act differently. From consulting on the theme, format, and agenda for your event to developing your presentations as well as the environment and interactions that surround them, we’ll architect an experience that will linger in everyone’s memories long after the moment is gone.

Folklore Curation Services

Your communication will resonate more deeply with people when it incorporates things that hold meaning for them. The speeches, stories, ceremonies, and symbols embedded in your culture are part of your folklore; they tell the tale of powerful experiences that people have gone through together. When you pluck that folklore out of your culture and integrate it into your internal and external communications, you awaken those shared memories and strengthen commitment to preserving what you have built together. We can help you collect and curate the oral, written, and visual folklore of the ventures you and your team have undergone in the past or are experiencing together now. Then to keep that lore alive, we’ll teach people in your organization how to share it with others and put tools in place to help you spread those tales systemically.

Illuminate Training Services

We’ve studied persuasive communicators at hundreds of companies that lead successful transformations in their industry and organizations. We’ve learned what works, and we’re developing workshops based on the concepts outlined in Illuminate. Fill out the form for more information when our new workshops are publicly available.

Interested in Illuminate services?

Duarte’s new Illuminate services are currently available on a limited basis. Please contact us if you’d like to participate in our pilot program!.