Companies spend countless hours and dollars researching, developing, and advertising the products and services they sell, but often skimp on the presentations that have the power to make deals, or break them.

Are your corporate overview and sales presentations motivating your audience and encouraging them to take action?

Duarte has spent more than 25 years creating presentations for the world’s top companies and speakers. Our VisualStory® approach to presentations creates audience empathy, a narrative that increases audience engagement, and visuals that support your story and convey your information in a powerful way.

We’re on a mission to give all presentations the power to persuade. And we want to start with your deck.

How? It’s simple. And it’s free.

1/ Give us a call.

We’ll gather some key info from you, like your target audience, the goal of the presentation, and all that good stuff.

2/ Send us your deck.

Submit any single slide deck (up to 50 slides in PPT, Keynote, or even a Google Slides link).

3/ We’ll take a look.

We’ll see how your slides stack up against our proven VisualStory® methodology. The audit includes visual elements like contrast, hierarchy, and imagery as well as the clarity and flow of your content.

4/ You’ll get a full report.

[Within 72 hours] you’ll receive a high level report on your deck, with preliminary recommendations about what’s working and where you have room for improvement. View a sample report.

5/ Let’s talk about it.

We’ll walk you through the results of your report and get answers to any questions you may have.

To get started, fill out the form to request your complimentary presentation audit.
Not sure yet? Take a minute to learn more about Duarte, see samples of our work, or meet our team. Remember – presentation slides are critical to reaching your audience. Even before PowerPoint businesses were investing in effective slides that would have an impact.

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