This content originally appeared in Resonate by Nancy Duarte.

Whether your opportunity to convey your passion comes through work or other activities, there will be a moment in your life when making an idea clear will play a significant role in shaping who you become—and the legacy you leave behind.

Your ideas may be simple, or could contain the keys that unlock unknown mysteries. However, if you don’t communicate them well, they will lose their value and add nothing to humanity.

The amount of value you place on your idea should be reflected in the amount of care you take in communicating it.

Passion for your presentation idea should drive you to invest in its communication.

We have examined many people whose presentations altered the status quo throughout this book. Through their presentations they were able to charm the world and make it a better place. These presenters are each unique—stemming from different faiths, backgrounds, and passions; yet each one of them chose to invest in effective communication by which they changed the world. Upon examination of the deep impact they’ve each had, you can easily tell yourself that you could never live up to their example because they were born to present and it doesn’t come as naturally to you. Poor excuse—that just isn’t true.

Great presenters are created—they invest hundreds of hours into their presentations including each word, structure, and the delivery of their idea. The people’s presentations featured in this book did not come easily to them, but they dedicated themselves to delivering their idea in a manner that was effectively persuasive. Some even risked their lives for their ideas.

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