Presentations are broken. If you do a web search for the words “Death by PowerPoint”, over 3 million results are returned. It’s clear that the presentations must change. But busy schedules don’t leave much time for changing how you present.

Online training lets you learn at your own pace, but just like presentations are broken, so too are many eLearning courses.

Many trainers re-purpose the boring, bullet-point heavy slides they use at the front of the classroom and dump them straight onto a computer screen. They’ve moved from in-person read-alongs, to virtual read-alongs. The only difference is that the voice droning on over those dense slides is pre-recorded. This approach doesn’t work in person, but it especially doesn’t work online where the audience has many more distractions.

Just like effective presentations, to get people to pay attention and retain information, you must keep them engaged.

Many of the issues with eLearning effectiveness are the same problems that plague presentations. So, in our own journey to create online presentation training that could keep even the busiest people engaged, we took on the challenge to create unique, engaging online content — following the same rules for creating a great presentation.

And pretty quickly, we got exciting news. Just after the soft-launch of our new eCourse was complete, it won an award!

slides from our presentation eCourse

We used Nancy Duarte’s book, the HBR Guide to Persuasive Presentations as a base for the eCourse. The content was already broken into chapters, but we knew the it needed to be visualized and further divided into learning-sized portions — while also providing a dynamic, interactive example of a great presentation.

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