As you develop presentations, many times you approach them from only your side of the table. This approach does not make for effective business communication. It can lead to a presentation that misses the mark in any number of areas, from wasting time covering items that the audience is already very familiar with to not specifying why it is important to the audience. Being able to approach any business presentation with the audience in mind, no matter if it is to one individual or an entire company, will greatly improve its impact.

When your audience is familiar to you—let’s say it’s a group of your direct reports or colleagues—think through the pressures they are under and find ways to create an empathetic connection.

Knowing people—really knowing them—makes it easier to influence them. You engage in conversation, exchange insights, and tell stories comfortably when you know someone well. And usually, you both change a bit in the process.

People don’t fall asleep during conversations, but they often do during presentations—and that’s because many presentations don’t feel conversational.

Knowing your audience helps you feel warmly toward the people in the room and take on a more conversational tone…as if you’re speaking with a friend.

When you speak sincerely to your audience, people will want to listen to your message and contribute to the success of your idea. Looking for more ways to become a better communicator? Want to introduce a culture of great communication in your business? Fill out the form on this page, or take a look at some of the presentation services Duarte offers.

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