Presentation scenarios

Based on your presentation size and audience, choose the appropriate style (casual, formal, interactive, canned) for your presentation.

1/ Casual: Carefully planned, but informal

  • Deliver short presentation, then discuss
  • Lead conversation with planned whiteboard sketches
  • Lead conference call with slide-docs or shared slides (earnings call)

2/ Interactive: Presenter facilitates audience

  • Distribute slidedocs or slides, then meet to discuss
  • Host conversational webinar
  • Navigate tablet-based content
  • Use flip chart or whiteboard spontaneously

3/ Programmed, staged, and formally rehearsed

  • Deliver formal presentation with polished visuals
  • Host panel discussion
  • Host formal webinar

4/ Formal: Distributed for audience to access on own their time

  • Package or stream on-demand presentation
  • Post slides with audio voice-over or recorded webinar
  • Post curated content (slides, slidedocs, videos, articles, white papers)

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