Adding presentation visuals is usually the third major step in crafting great presentations. First, you brainstorm presentation ideas. Then, you build your presentation structure by organizing those ideas.

Once you have a solid presentation structure, it’s time to think about visuals. Because you have taken the time to capture all your key messages simply and clearly, you have a good starting point for generating visual ideas. Use sticky notes to sketch concepts, and write brief visual descriptions.

Then, take a step back and ask yourself, “Do I have enough variety and contrast in my visuals?” If everything is a picture, look for bits of content where a diagram would be suitable. Are there key statements that you want the audience to remember? Consider using a simple text treatment to reinforce your message.

Now, step back and celebrate your progress. You’ve figured out all your talking points, and you have a solid storyboard. Now, you’re ready to put your content in a digital format. Pretty darn good for an afternoon with sticky notes.

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