Presentation Design Training for Individuals and Teams

Portland, OR | Tuesday, December 6th

Slide:ologyTM Workshop

If you’re not a trained designer, but regularly use presentations, we can save you time and teach you how to design delightful and effective slides that communicate your message.

Save Time and Increase Engagement with Visuals that Persuade

Duarte’s slide design methodology will teach you how to think like a designer.

After taking this course, you’ll know how to make effective presentation slides and how to approach presentations to best deliver your message. When you see a slide that feels cluttered and confusing, you’ll immediately recognize how to troubleshoot and clean it up.

If you help prepare or design decks, why not learn the best practices that’ll make your presentations shine?

Effectively communicating your ideas can be the key to success, so commit to excellence today and sign up to transform your professional life.

December 5, 2017
December 6, 2017

Portland Marriott Downtown Waterfront
1401 SW Naito Parkway
Portland, OR 97201

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Who takes Slide:ologyTM

You’ll learn how to…

  • Think like a designer when you approach a slide
  • Overcome your fear of diagrams and visuals
  • Sketch out your ideas
  • Identify what a great slide looks like and what it achieves
  • Apply contrast, whitespace, and hierarchy
  • Design data slides to amplify key information
  • Use transitions and animations to enhance meaning

We’ve researched storytelling and presentations for decades

When you attend a Duarte workshop, you’ll learn the secrets to storytelling and presentations that we’ve uncovered through years of research.

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Slide:ologyTM Workshop – $895
Resonate™ and Slide:ology Workshop Bundle – $1,595

Frequently Asked Questions

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What should I bring?

Yourself! To learn to be a visual thinker, you don’t need a computer. We’ll spend the day sketching ideas and creating presentation without your software. Don’t worry, the skills will translate and you’ll feel confident in your approach the next time you’re at your computer.

Do I need to be a designer?

No! In fact, if you’re a trained designer we recommend you check out our Resonate course to help you apply storytelling methodology to your design.

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