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New York City, NY | March 29th, 2018

CaptivateTM Workshop

The most successful people seem to have an innate charisma. When they speak, they captivate their audience; when they ask for support, they get it.

Unlock your Power to Influence

You’ve got that same power to engage and influence. You already have the expertise, now all you need is the awe-inspiring delivery.

Duarte’s public speaking workshops go far beyond your typical speaker coaching and training. We help you to discover your core confidence and develop the traits of the world’s most captivating speakers: dynamism, comfort, and empathy.

If you’re a CEO or director who presents to investors and key stakeholders, or if you regularly pitch to bosses, customers, and colleagues, this workshop can instantly improve your persuasive public speaking skills. You will learn presentation delivery techniques you can always rely on.

Effectively communicating your ideas can be the key to success, so commit to excellence today and sign up to transform your professional life.

March 29th, 2018

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Who takes Captivate?

You’ll learn how to…

  • Evaluate your public speaking strengths and weaknesses
  • Become more comfortable, empathetic, and dynamic when you present
  • Engage your audience by applying vocal variety and dynamic body language
  • Ease your nerves by “walking the space”
  • Find your power physically, emotionally, and mentally
  • Identify the moments you want the audience to remember
  • Deliver your message with relaxed confidence

See what it’s like to attend the workshop

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What’s Your Speaker Profile?

After nearly three decades of experience crafting presentations that move audiences for top organizations around the world, we’ve found that the world’s most powerful speakers are comfortable, dynamic, and empathetic. Take our online quiz to evaluate your own strengths and growth opportunities in these areas.

Captivate Workshop – $1,895

Frequently Asked Questions

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Do I need to bring a laptop to the workshop?

No, all of our work is analog and verbal.

Will I be speaking in front of the group?

Yes! Please bring a five-minute talk (or a five-minute section of a longer talk). You’ll be delivering it at least four times over the course of the day.

What can my talk be about?

Really, anything. We’ve had people give Q4 earnings reports, company overviews, bridesmaid’s speeches, and a talk on “Why everyone should own a dog.” Our suggestion is that you bring something, though, that’s high stakes. Something you want to get better at presenting. Something that can be used to test you, challenge you, and grow you.

What if I’ve got a fear of public speaking?

Don’t worry. Our instructors work hard to make the room feel safe for everyone. Not only that, but you’ll learn throughout the day how to shift your focus outward and connect with your audience instead of your fears.

Do you use video recording in Captivate to show me what I’m doing wrong?

No, we don’t use video recording as a learning tool in Captivate. Watching video of yourself is a very helpful tool when rehearsing your talk (and we encourage it!) but it only serves as a distraction when we have multiple participants and live, one-on-one coaching.

Will I be transformed by the end of the day?

No. But any speaker coaching class that promises you that is lying. By the end of the day, you’ll get a sense of what your presentations strengths are and how to leverage them as well as a few areas where you can—and will—continue to grow. We’ll also give you the tools to continue the improvement you’ll see and feel during the Captivate class.

Will there be breaks?

Sure will. You’ll have chances to check your email and stay in the loop. But, overall, we want you focused and engaged throughout the day so you can become more captivating.

Is this class just a bunch of do’s and don’t’s like, “Don’t say ‘um,’” and “Talk loud so everyone can hear you”?

No. It’s different than that—and better. Sure, we talk about the traits great presenters possess—and the ones they don’t. But, our goal is to get under the surface and try to get to why you may be doing certain things (or not doing other things) so we can produce long-term growth and improvement.

The two coaches were extremely dynamic and empathetic. They accomplished so much in one day. I didn’t expect the individualized attention and level of coaching we received.

Tienni Su, Group Lead, America Honda Finance May 10, 2017


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